I grew up in texas and was raised by my pure hearted spanish mother. Since a kid I have always been visually inspired and attracted to the magic in cinema. I left Texas for California via Tennessee to study business that I almost instantaneously lost interest in; so I set off for a year of traveling and ended up landing in paris. This is where I got my first taste of theatre, studied at the Conservatoire de l’Art Dramatique and thankfully tapped into the beauty that lies in the arts. That got me going and began my curiosity in other forms of expression: writing, photography, and filmmaking.

I picked up the camera in 2005 and soon began assisting photographers like Camila Akrans, Mikael Jansson, and David Sims.

I continue to pursue acting and filmmaking alongside my photography. I am splitting my time between Europe and the States chasing the flowers of the good ole imagination, hoping to make their fragrance fly.

All the best of vibrations to all those that read. Love and light to you always. Walking on the street today I saw a hoodie that said: "STAY POSITIVE BRO,LIFE IS GOOD". Good t-shirt. Good perspective. Help each other hoodie your hearts.

USA +1 210 471-1326
EUROPE: +33 6 63 36 47 81